Tell us if you're Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or both. If we know, we may be able to support your needs better.

Indigenous hospital liaison service

Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Liaison Officers are the link between our health services and the community.

They can:

  • explain hospital services and procedures to you and your family
  • visit you in hospital, and at home when you leave hospital
  • refer you to other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander support services
  • give you information about community services.

How to access this service

If you're in one of our hospitals or health centres, let us know if you'd like to see one of our liaison officers and we'll arrange this for you.

You can also call a liaison officer in your area.

Biloela Hospital
Ph: 0409 857 159

Capricorn Coast Hospital
Ph: 0428 977 488

Emerald Hospital
Ph: 0438 111 417

Gladstone Hospital
Ph: 0418 686 240

Rockhampton Hospital
Ph: 0448 101 269
Ph: 0437 435 349
Ph: 0438 091 805

Transport service

We offer transport for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people between home and Rockhampton Hospital.

Call 07 4932 5137 or 0428 564 231 from 8 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday to arrange transport.

We can’t transport you if you leave hospital against medical advice or if you leave hospital before going to a scheduled appointment.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health services

  • Gumma Gundoo Indigenous maternal and infant outreach provide community based antenatal, postnatal and infant care services.
  • New Endings Men's Health helps Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men older than 18 with their health.

Last updated: May 2024