Supporting your health care journey

Our navigators are a team of registered nurses and midwives who can help manage your care.

We have generalist navigators for people of all ages, and specialty navigators for:

  • people aged 65 and older
  • pregnant women
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

How we can help

As experienced nurses and midwives, we have clinical knowledge and understand the health system. This means we can work with you around your health care needs and link you to the services that are right for you.

We can help by:

  • managing your appointments and acting as a central point of contact for all your care providers
  • going with you to appointments and making sure you understand what your GP, specialist or other health professional tells you
  • supporting patients who need help at home or to live independently
  • providing social and community support, including learning new skills and accessing community groups
  • helping patients with advance care planning.

We'll help you understand your medical conditions and talk to you about how you're feeling and discuss treatment options and care plans.

Who can get help?

We care for patients with complex health conditions who need a high level of clinical care.

This may include patients with multiple chronic illnesses, those with a high need for health services, or those who have complicated health conditions.

This may also include people who:

  • live alone or in a rural or remote area
  • are from a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) background
  • need support to understand and manage their health care.

Finding a nurse or midwife navigator

Your health care professional can refer you to a navigator. They'll ask for your consent first.

You can also email or call your nearest office below.

Last updated: April 2023