Where you can volunteer

We have volunteering opportunities at:

What you will do

As a volunteer, you can:

  • meet, greet and guide visitors through our hospitals and health services
  • visit and comfort patients and help with small tasks and errands
  • support patients arriving for clinic appointments
  • help our staff with ward activities and work in our offices.

We also have opportunities for chaplains who would like to provide spiritual care to our patients.

Volunteer roles aren't work experience, but you’ll discover a lot about how our hospital and health services work.

Join our team

If you join our group of volunteers, you’ll become part of our caring, flexible, and committed team.

To join you’ll need to fill in an application form and:

  • be aged 16 or over
  • provide references
  • do ongoing training
  • go to regular staff meetings
  • have a criminal history check.

Because you’ll be working in hospitals and aged care facilities, you’ll need to be up to date with vaccinations, including COVID-19.

To find out more, talk to our volunteer coordinator on 07 4920 6731 or email CQHealthVolunteers@health.qld.gov.au.

Last updated: April 2023